In order to streamline support to all public health facilities and the general public to better our service, NMS utilizes this Smart Care  system. Every request is received, assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses on that particular request anywhere online. For your reference NMS Smart Care provides complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket. To send us feedback or complaint, click on 'Open a New Ticket'

You can also send us your request or feedback over the phone. Go to your messages, type the word FEEDBACK, leave a space, type your message and send it to 6090.

If your feedback is in regard to a particular order number, type the order number, leave a space, type your message and send  to 6090.  The system will receive the message sent over the phone and keep you updated on the progress of the feedback/complaint through SMS.

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We provide archives and history of all your current and past support requests complete with responses.

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